THE FIGHT ON ISIS is a very big problem right now almost all of the middle east is being taken over day by day ISIS is killing people with no regards to anyone its just unless killing towards christens and other types of groups if you looked at this as a us. soldier that your brothers and sisters have bleed and died in this country and to be back in the hands of the enemy. KNOWING WHAT YOU FOUGHT FOR WAS LOST just gone and those people who died are just in vain for nothing if we don’t fight back now everything is lost. our borders are gone ISIS can just walk across into our country and no one cares about whats happening because there to busy with them self”s to realize that our country is falling apart in front of our own eyes and no listens. people if we don’t do something now our country will be no more and in the hands of cold blooded killers that just seek death and destruction money and no morals at all. so i ask you what do you think about this? do you think our president is doing his job yes or no? that”s just some things for you to think on. also think on how this is effecting people in the middle east and how can we resolve this do we go to war or not its a big decision because were putting life”s on line if we go to war and i just hope you make the right decision.

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